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Chasing the Dream:
A Day in the Life of 85 Fearless Entrepreneurs


OUR GOAL: to share the stories of 85 women in our network who have gone nights, weeks, or even months without sleep, have emptied their bank accounts, have wondered out loud if they were crazy, have laughed when a potential angel didn't like their pitch but wanted their phone number, have temporarily given up any hope of a social life, and have given new meaning to "I'm pivoting as fast as I can!" 

For 15 years, 85 Broads has given me the opportunity to meet thousands of fearless female entrepreneurs.  Through their applications for membership, I have been awed and inspired by their passion to go for it, even if it meant walking away from a secure job and a stress-free life to leap into the deep end of the entrepreneurial pool!


  1. Stories must be written in the first person.
  2. 1200 word maximum.
  3. Your story should capture the highs and lows of being an entrepreneur: please include one or two "lessons learned" along the way.
  4. Many have argued that women lack the necessary confidence to launch their own businesses: how have you managed to survive and thrive? 
  5. Story submission deadline: January 31, 2013.  Book publish date: March 8, 2013 (International Women's Day).  

BONUS: Five authors who reveal the best "lessons learned" will each receive $1000.

If you're interested in submitting your story, please contact us at info@85Broads.com for further info.

Companies founded by women in our network:  Daily Worth - Solemates – GILT – ChickRx – Loosecubes – Wildfire - Travelmenu – Moxie Jean - The Fold – Kahnoodle – G Project – Personally Cool – Lifeables – Honestly Now – S'well Bottles – Daily Muse – Smarteys – Aha Life – Milli Millu – EmpowHER – Journelle – Career Fuel – FITist – VROU – UpDog Fitness – True & Co – Diva Docs – Nest.io – Roses & Rye – Smart Sitting – Alzerina – DANNIJO –– Artspace – Jump Thru – Your Tango – Lifestyling – United Succes – Mom Corps – Peeled Snacks – Spoondate – Plum Alley – BananaBox – Have to Have – Little Borrowed Dress – LeaderFit –  – Meals to Heal – Bravo Your City – Anthem Wares – Dot Dash 3 – Koru Labs – Strengths Builders – Career Valet – UpLift Studios – Levo League – Vensette – Moda Operandi – Hoseanna – Smarketplaces – Halsbrook – Gurjot NY – Life Ice – Lumoback – Bia Sport – Talent Finders – DanceOn – Calavera – ShawLux – Master Admissions – Backlash Meta – DinnerTime – Strategic Prep – Veronica Brett – Babbaco – Dhana – LearnVest-  What2WearWhere – Nina McLemore – Nylon Films - Belly Armor – Rabia Z – Mukami TV – Call of the Wild – Katie Jeans – Autumn Adiegbo – LaMa Bra – Bad Girl Ventures – Clare Hare Darien – Goumboook – 4women.com- ADD YOUR COMPANY HERE!   

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85 Broads is a global women's network whose mission is to generate exceptional professional and social value for its members through regional network events and online at 85Broads.com. Members invest their time, their intellect, and their financial capital in each other, across multiple generations, which is what makes 85 Broads so unique.

The women in 85 Broads are entrepreneurs, investment bankers, consultants, film makers, lawyers, educators, athletes, venture capitalists, portfolio managers, political leaders, philanthropists, doctors, engineers, artists, scientists, FT parents, and students. Learn more about our exclusive network and apply for membership.